Trump hits out at security services in Obama wiretap row

Sessions on Russia testimony 'My answer was correct'

The move came a day after President Donald Trump alleged that then-president Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of the phones in Trump Tower in NY, which served as Trump's campaign headquarters.

Trump aides have called on Congress to investigate if the Obama administration wiretapped the Trump campaign as part of a larger probe into Russian Federation and the 2016 election.

"There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president elect at the time, as a candidate at the time or against his campaign", Clapper said on NBC's Meet the Press.

Mr Penetta added: "I sense that the White House is in a bunker mentality in which they think everybody is against them and the president feeling that way is now tweeting out anything he wants to say".

Early Saturday morning, Trump said on Twitter that he "Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory". So, what is the president's evidence? As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any us citizen.

New Uncharted 'unlikely' as Naughty Dog hints at new franchises
Asav is back on the hunt tusks of Ganesh, a jewel in honor of Ganesh goddess, created by Hoysala (never been to our real world). Along with dealing with Chloe's cultural heritage, The Lost Legacy will also explore the relationship she has with her father.

"[Comey] knows, and if he's pushing back, we've got a real problem between the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the president", Pirro said.

The FBI has accused Russian Federation of hacking Democratic computers during the 2016 campaign. Why is Trump returning to his birther-style attacks on Obama?

"I haven't had the chance to have the conversation directly with the President and he's at a much higher classification than I am, so he may have access to documents that I don't know about", she said, asked if Trump had read about wiretapping in media reports.

Kushner is an advisor to the president.

The president's power to declassify national security information stems from the powers granted him by the Constitution, and outlined in executive orders that, in recent decades, each commander-in-chief has tweaked.

Democrats grill Rod Rosenstein on Russian Federation
In the middle of today's confirmation hearing for Deputy Attorney General nominee Rod Rosenstein, Sen. And even if there were evidence of a crime related to any of these matters, once confirmed Mr.

"Well", Sanders replied, "they've also said there's no evidence of any wrong doing by the Trump administration, or the Trump campaign in coordination (with the Russians)".

The lawmakers say they have been looking at binders of classified information the Central Intelligence Agency collected, with more visits planned to the highly secure facility.

"The incredible scandal here is the Obama administration was investigating top officials in the Trump campaign, maybe even Trump himself - during the course of the election!" Sessions was a member of the Senate during the campaign.

The lawmakers addressed their letter to FBI Director James Comey and Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente. But he later admitted that he had met with Kislyak twice during the presidential campaign.

An Obama spokesman denied the charge, saying it was "a cardinal rule" that no White House official interfered with independent Justice Department investigations. Christopher Cruise was the editor.

Chance the Rapper says he'll donate $1 million to Chicago public schools
Hopefully Chance's selfless actions will inspire Kanye to take a break from making love to his own ego and do the same. Alleging inadequate funding that " violates students' rights ", the CPS system filed a lawsuit against Mr.


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