Planned Parenthood rejects Trump proposal to stop abortion services

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Dannel P. Malloy says he will propose that state taxpayers pay for any lost revenue.

Similar demonstrations were organized around the country by Planned Parenthood.

Details of Malloy's exact plan are not clear yet, but the state is already facing a deficit of $1.7 million. Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, which includes CT and Rhode Island, receives more than $5 million in government funding a year.

When the details of the Republican's mediocre replacement for Obamacare was released Monday evening, one could spot the fingerprints of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan all over it - most prominently in the provision which would defund Planned Parenthood on a national scale. Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes provides STI tests for over 2,000 patients, pap tests for almost 5,000 women and nearly 3,000 breast and cervical cancer screenings annually.

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The Times reports that Planned Parenthood, which conducts over 300,000 abortions every year, would have to stop doing abortions completely in order to keep its federal assistance under Trump. If you were pro-life, you would want to address racial discrimination regarding police shootings or help transgender students facing bullying and harassment in schools.

International Women's Day on Wednesday is certain to shine more light on the issue of abortion and women's reproductive rights, just as the recent March for Life in Washington rallied voices on the other side of the issue.

Low-income women could be most affected by the proposal since Medicaid recipients typically earn far below the federal poverty line. The agency receives about $500 million in federal funding each year, mostly through Medicaid reimbursement.

"Offering money to Planned Parenthood to abandon our patients and our values is not a deal that we will ever accept", Laguens added.

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Rubio and other abortion hardliners like Ted Cruz made much of Trump's comment in 2000 that he "supports a woman's right to choose". Does Senator Sullivan really think our community health centers, whose budgets are being severely scaled back, will pick up all the services Planned Parenthood offers Alaskans?

The notion has been roundly rejected by Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards. The GOP's resulting American Health Care Act not only repeals and replaces the Affordable Care Act, it also sets the stage to effectively defund Planned Parenthood while restricting insurance coverage for abortion.

"Each dollar spent on family planning saves a little over $7", Yolen said, citing an analysis from the Guttmacher Institute.

"We are not the federal government, nor do we have the resources of the federal government", he said.

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