Schools to Close, Strikers Ready Ahead of A Day Without A Woman

George Washington Middle School in Alexandria is one of more than 15 schools that will close on the'Day Without A Woman

The Women's March on Washington organization has called on women to wear red, take the day off and avoid shopping to highlight their impact on the US economy. Which is an odd point to make because (1) every one agrees with this and (2) the left advocates for policies that essentially eliminate women from public life and society.

"I'll be here because, really, that wonderful balance of taking a stand and making sure people are cared for is very important", Cole said. The rally is a lead up to the annual International Women's Day on March 8.

A Day Without a Woman coincides with both the International Women's Day and International Women's Strike.

The answer is a bit of a letdown: the women who are able to - the women who are privileged enough to take a trip to Washington - will march for them.

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"These issues occupied a central place in the agenda of 1970s feminists, such as the "wages for housework" campaign".

For the strike, organizers are urging US women to take the day off work if they can.

Jocelyn Olcott is an associate professor of history and gender, sexuality and feminist studies at Duke University. Women took part in events and demonstrations all over the world to mark the day. Protesting in historically huge numbers here and around the world as many of us did January 21 was exhilarating and empowering, but today's strike is the test that shows whether that unifying day is enduring or just an ephemeral rush of post-election angst.

The Brooklyn, N.Y., preschool teacher plans to stay home and write postcards to her elected representatives.

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All 18 public schools in Alexandria, Virginia; Prince George's County school district near Washington, DC; Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools in North Carolina; and the Maple Street preschool in Brooklyn have shuttered for the day. In addition, this day could be used to teach women about other women's experiences.

"For my congresswoman and senators, because they are fighting for women and women's rights, I'm going to thank them for the work", said Block, 26.

The closures drew criticism as some parents scrambled to find childcare. "We are resisting President Trump and congressional Republicans in letting them know that we will not go back".

A portion of select menu items sales at Small Bar will be donated to local female entrepreneurs or charities who have an emphasis on supporting young women.

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"We're taking a stand and spending the first 15 minutes off the floor so that people can better understand what the Colorado General Assembly would look like without women", said Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver.


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