Congressmen tell Trump not to delete tweets

"Additionally, President Trump uses at least two Twitter accounts: an official White House account (@POTUS) and an account that predates his inauguration (@realDonaldTrump)".

In a letter addressed to White House counsel Donald McGahn, committee chairman Republican Jason Chaffetz and Democrat Elijah Cummings voiced their concerns over Trump's tendency to delete tweets and the administration's record-keeping practices, particularly on social media.

Last weekend, Trump deleted two tweets which misspelled the word "hereby".

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The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said the White House could be violating federal records laws when President Donald Trump's deletes his tweets.

The Presidential Records Act requires all official records - including Twitter messages - relating to the president and vice president to be preserved and archived so that they are accessible to the public.

Not mentioned by the White House, the firing of the President's National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, or the temporary restraining order placed on the President's first executive order on immigration.

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Red flags were raised about proper documentation after recent reports of administration officials using apps like Confide, a messaging app where texts disappear after watching them, Signal, and Whatsapp.

Federal employees must also comply with a similar Act - the Federal Records Act - to preserve their communications.

The letter closes by requesting the White House submit names of federal employees who have used private emails and what its policy is when it comes to archiving those emails.

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While its hard to imagine that President Trump could face real backlash from simply deleting a few tweets, this is virtually uncharted territory in regards to the Presidential Records Act.


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