The Vampire Diaries: We've Still Got Questions After That Explosive Finale

The Vampire Diaries Stars Reflect on Filming the Emotional Series Finale

Bonnie ended the series by saving Mystic Falls and her friends one last time (by regaining her magic, uh, somehow, that whole thing was unclear) and calling upon her ancestors in a powerful scene, then chose to travel and embrace her life and be happy without Enzo. But it was later revealed that Stefan had been taking vervain and was immune to the compulsion.

Caroline's heart was broken in the finale, but when she reunited with Elena she did find some comfort.

After the decision to end the series was official, Plec created two lists of what she wanted to include in the lead-up to the conclusion: "We had two hit lists". Sacrificing himself so Damon and Elena can have a long, happy life together is his self-given penance (even if it does mean one final act of cruelty in abandoning Caroline forever, right after their wedding day). Stefan surprises his brother with a syringe full of his blood - and thus, the Cure - and then grabs tight onto Katherine, holding her hostage to the blast.

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After the emotional episode aired, several cast members took to social media to reminisce about their time on the show and to share their final goodbye messages.

What are the rules on Bonnie and Enzo?

As for everyone else, newly-widowed Caroline started the Salvatore School for the Gifted with Alaric, with Jeremy Gilbert in their employ. Hmm, wonder where that's headed?

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Look. There's been a lot of lore to go through the wringer of The Vampire Diaries since the beginning of this show, but one thing that's remained a mystery all the while is those bloody crows. That's how the story began, and that's how it had to end.

The finale, titled "I Was Feeling Epic", was a heartbreaker, as former characters came back to say their final farewells, including Elena (Nina Dobrev), who was finally able to reunite with her one true love, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), after Bonnie figured out how to reverse the curse linking her life to Elena's.

"Hello", his brother Damon sees in this vision of the future - just as fitting last words as we can imagine. It's amusing, but feels very right, that in the end the romantic triangles and boondoggles didn't really matter at all. Stefan killing Enzo was his final awful thing, possibly the worst act he ever committed and one he admittedly didn't know how to recover from. We had one, who do we want to see again? It takes us apart and hopefully puts us back together shinier and more impressive. For a show that deals in eternities, immortalities, forever-deaths and pretend-hells, that could never be the key.

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