Alabama agriculture officials confirm bird flu case in Jackson County

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Another case of avian influenza, also known has bird flu, has been reported in Lincoln County, state officials said on Thursday.

South Korea banned imports of all USA poultry following the Tennessee bird-flu findings, according to its agriculture ministry.

The USDA said that this H7N9 strain is of North American wild bird lineage and is the same strain of avian influenza that affected the first Tennessee case.

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The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is working directly with poultry workers at the affected facilities to ensure that they are taking the proper precautions to prevent illness and contain disease spread. The other premise was a backyard flock in Madison County, Ala.

McMillan said protocols include growers "depopulating" chickens that may be exposed to the avian flu virus, and agriculture officials setting up a 6-mile quarantine zone around the property that monitors movement in and out.

The flock of 55,000 chickens is located in the MS flyway, within three kilometers of the first Tennessee case. Furthermore, the Tennessee Department of Health confirms that the risk of a human becoming ill with avian influenza during poultry illness incidents is very low. The results from the USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa states that sample tested positive for low pathogenic H7N9 avian influenza (LPAI).

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Another highly pathogenic outbreak would likely represent a financial blow for poultry operators such as Tyson Foods Inc and Pilgrim's Pride Corp because it would kill more birds or require flocks to be culled. He also said the birds involved were waterfowl and consisted primarily of ducks and geese.

Dr. Frazier is in constant communication with USDA APHIS, neighboring state veterinarians, ADAI staff and stakeholders. "Industry, growers, state and federal agencies and other stakeholders have worked hard to maintain a level of readiness", said Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture John McMillan.

Alabama has been on alert since a 2015 outbreak in the Midwest. The state is the country's second-largest producer of broilers (chickens bred and raised for meat), and poultry operations employ 85,000 people.

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