5 steps to release Galaxy S8's desktop experience — Samsung DeX Station

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phone revealed on Thursday featured a digital assistant named Brixby that can complete tasks for you with a simple voice or text command.

If you pre-order the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus from T-Mobile, you'll also get a free Gear VR headset with the new controller, as well as an Oculus game pack. On the other hand, Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ ship with the company's new unproven Bixby assistant.

The S8 comes with a 3,000mAh battery while the S8+ sports a larger 3,500mAh battery.

Two versions of the Galaxy S8, code-named Dream internally, were launched at a media event in NY on Wednesday, with 6.2-inch (15.75 cm) and 5.8-inch curved screens - the largest to date for Samsung's premium smartphones.

Selwyn said the S8 would not catch on fire like many Samsung Note 7 phones did previous year which resulted in a global recall. There will be some people who avoid the Galaxy S8 because they don't trust Samsung's batteries. Both the S8 and S8+ have screens that curve along the long edge. The S8 also sports a voice assistant meant to rival Siri and Google Assistant. We'll see soon how much this sort of cloud computing access will cost Galaxy S8 owners. Though many customers remain loyal, any further misstep could prove fatal.

The phone will be released on April 21.

Comcast to Expand Streaming Service
However, Comcast says that the interpretation of the situation is wrong and its service in no way breaks any net neutrality laws. However, the company remains focused on bringing in new cable-TV subscribers from the traditional cable TV service markets.

Dawson said Samsung is betting "that its phones will justify a higher price, whereas it could have used these new phones as a way to drive higher sales after a couple of years of stagnation".

Samsung initially blamed faulty batteries, but some experts believe a design flaw may have been the cause.

"With Samsung DeX, users can easily display and edit data from their phone, making working from a smartphone faster and smarter", said Samsung.

As Samsung boldly states, this is "the new era of smartphone design, an era without edges or limits".

The S8 display varies in size - 5.8 inches for the regular version and 6.2 inches for the S8-Plus.

After years of sticking to physical keys, Samsung is switching over to on-screen buttons for the Galaxy S8 - but it's putting a bit of a twist on them.

Could North Korea's Kim Jong Un Strike Alaska With A Nuclear Bomb?
An analyst for BBC says North Korea likely hasn't developed the heat-resistant materials needed for long-range ballistic missiles. The successful test is also important because it occurred while Rex Tillerson is in China talking about issues like North Korea.

The stream is also being shown on the Samsung Unpacked YouTube page, which will also doubtless have extra coverage and feature videos after the event finishes as well. The bottom of the screen is pressure sensitive so even if your software home button isn't being displayed because you're in a fullscreen app, you can still press the area to return to the home screen. In addition, both S8 models are taller than their predecessors, but widths are roughly the same.

Bixby's Voice: Virtual assistants like Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa have one thing in common: they've defaulted to female voices and traditionally female names.

At launch, Samsung says that Bixby will be capable of 15,000 tasks, which is a pretty good start. Bixby will also offer information on books, wine and other products scanned with the phone's camera. Unlike its closest competitor, Apple's Siri, Bixby can also fully control some apps by voice - but, right now, almost all of those apps are made by Samsung. Never seen it? Exactly. It can record video or take still images that can be edited and customised through an app. Memory is expandable up to 256GB and features IP53 dust and water resistance.

Samsung is getting rid of the "Edge" distinction and bringing curved sides to all S8 phones.

The Galaxy S8 comes with a regular earphone jack made by AKG, a premium brand of Harman International Industries Inc.

The mobile devices are the first the company has launched since the Note7, which if you recall, had a habit of setting fire on planes.

Exec Says Nintendo Has a "Big E3" on the Cards
The much hyped E3 2017 is nearly here and like Microsoft , Nintendo teased its "big plans" for this year's event. He mentioned Animal Crossing in the video, so perhaps they could release a new Animal Crossing game.

Lastly, Samsung also announced a docking station which can connect the S8 to a monitor which transforms the mobile user interface into a more PC-like one, allowing users to use their smartphones nearly like a mini-computer. It's similar to what Microsoft offers on its Windows 10 phones. It can also control Samsung devices such as the Samsung Connect Home, which is a Wi-Fi router and SmartThings hub. Existing owners can buy just the controller for about $40.


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