'Girls' Last Episode Breaks Convention, But Not In A Good Way

'Girls' Last Episode Breaks Convention, But Not In A Good Way

On 90 percent of TV shows, it would've, and should've, been the end - and not for nothing, a really damn good one. Once Hannah got it in her head to move to a bucolic college town upstate and raise the baby outside walking distance from a 16 Paddles, the deal was off. Adam and Jessa are probably off somewhere snuggled in a love cocoon after almost being derailed by Adam's brief return to Hannah. This could be due to an undiagnosed postpartum depression and she took it all out on Marnie in the "Girls" final episode according to E!

Marnie is getting exhausted of always being home with Hannah, though. She also finally got Grover to breastfeed. She wants to raise Hannah's child because she wants to be the number one friend. But she ends up staying home with her best friend. "So, she's really grown up".

The girl ran off wearing Hannah's jeans and a friendly officer then followed pantsless Hannah home. In the end, Marnie is the one who is still there with Hannah. Marnie's still living with her, impeccably dressed in flowing skirts and feeding her New Age-y baby rearing nonsense while Hannah's sweaty, sore and still bleeding.

I like that the show is bookended: the first scene of the series is her with her parents being immature and complaining about them cutting her off, and the last real scene is her telling the girl who she runs into that this is what a parent is supposed to do. Plus, they had been gently guiding Hannah away from NY for sometime, an idea that I thought was smart and, as a lifelong New Yorker, something I deeply understood. No, she didn't apologize to her mother or Marnie, who was there helping her, but she was back on track. The growth that takes place in the episode's final minutes did, in fact, feel like the reward the audience deserves for time well spent watching these two characters revert back to their old ways over and over again.

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Just as Marnie's pushiness is easy to believe, Hannah's surly, ungrateful reaction is what you'd expect from the character. This all began with her, as well, sitting across Hannah at a dinner in some NY restaurant and informing her that the purse strings were about to be finally severed.

When Hannah goes to her boss to tell him that she can no longer work for free he tells her he's so sorry to see her go. She probably would like a man to love her.

What tends to get lost when we talk about Girls is the notion that the series was also a simple coming-of-age story about one woman's long, still incomplete journey toward realizing that the world is bigger than she is, which is unlike other coming-of-age stories. The girl needs to do her thing, figure it out on her own. She marches off into the neighborhood and meets a troubled, pantless teenager.

Hannah storms off after the fight with her mother and runs into a teenage girl in her underwear screaming and crying, and, anxious that she has been victimized, gives the girl her trousers and shoes and offers to let her use her phone.

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Despite all the vitriol the show provoked about its insufferable millennial characters, there were some truly great episodes, from "One Man's Trash", the one with Patrick Wilson where Hannah is horrified to learn that what she really wants is to be happy, to "The Panic in Central Park", in which Marnie reunites with her ex-boyfriend, Charlie, only to learn that he's a drug addict.

After six-plus years of arrested development, Hannah's starting to grasp the concept of caring for someone other than herself. Jessa does best when she's not at a 9-5 job. She tries out a few different ones before she realizes the ideal line to send to her 26 followers: "All adventurous women do". The joy of selfless commitment, of putting herself second.

We open with a nice throwback to the first scene of the pilot, where Hannah and Marnie spoon in bed together.

Getting Hannah out of Brooklyn to a bucolic upstate idyll is the metaphoric equivalent of getting her out of that cluttered head of hers. Maybe what Marnie needed the most was to let go (of control, of the past, of her ideas of the future). If anyone can do it, it's this American bitch. Where'd it go? And what did we miss? Allison Williams wants to first sit back and think of what her next move after "Girls" will be. What was the show to do once we knew that some kind of insane sexual act or drug and alcohol induced night would eventually happen?

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