Perry Calls For 'Intellectual' Debate On Man's Role

President Donald Trump listens in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Monday

He mistakingly labeled the United States as an energy exporter, correcting himself after checking his notes again.

WASHINGTON - The natural gas industry is raising concerns about Energy Secretary Rick Perry's order to study whether current regulations and tax policies are threatening the reliability of the power grid by boosting some electricity sources over others - read as an effort to revive struggling coal and nuclear plants. Perry told host Joe Kernan that carbon dioxide was not "the primary control knob" for climate change. Despite the heaps of global research on these impacts, this a coded line of questioning that many Republicans in Congress lean on, particularly Texas' own Lamar Smith, the chair of the House science committee who's accused multiple government agencies of falsifying climate change data. "I agree with them it's nonsense", he added. The industry consensus is that so far, natural gas is the driving force behind coal power plant closures. President Trump drew some unwanted attention to coal power plants when he withdrew the USA from the Paris Agreement on climate change earlier this month, and a new report from the consulting firm M.J. Bradley & Associates highlights the impact that coal-sourced electricity has on pollutants including sulfur dioxide and mercury as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

'I have not had an opportunity to have that discussion, ' Sean Spicer said the day after Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement. "We just got a recipe for it this morning, but I'm still not quite sure what it means", she said.

Pig hauler overturns, pigs on the freeway
Authorities had to round up dozens of pigs after a semi crash that has shut down Interstate 45 in Wilmer Thursday morning. When the truck tipped onto its side, the pigs came tumbling out and ended up running all over the freeway.

"President Trump affirmed that the United States continues to remove barriers to energy development and investment in the United States and to USA energy exports so that more natural gas, clean coal, and renewable resources and technologies are available to fuel India's economic growth and inclusive development", President Donald Trump said in after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"An energy-dominant America means a self-reliant, a secure nation, free from geopolitical turmoil of other nations who seek to use energy as an economic weapon".

The DOE's study is about the reliability of the electricity grid and whether federal policies to support renewable power have done more harm than good. For those of you new to the topic, Perry ordered the study earlier this year. "But no reasonable person can deny the thumb, or even the whole hand if you will, that's been put on the scale in favor of certain political outcomes".

Giannis Antetokounmpo wins NBA's Most Improved Player award
Antetokounmpo also earned an All-Defensive Second Team nod, the first for a Buck since Alvin Robertson in 1990-1991. Gobert received just one first-place vote.

"The most incredible story in the U.S. has been the evolution and the prolific production of renewable resources in the U.S.", Honorable said.

Trump reiterated the need to end restrictions on energy production activities and roll back environmental regulations that prevent it.

Asked whether intermittent renewable energy impairs grid stability, Honorable did say that renewables have distinct traits that require planning and accommodation. "And one of those, I would find it really interesting - our French friends are very comfortable getting 76 percent, thereabouts, of their energy from nuclear, and I can assure you they're very fond of getting it at the rate they're getting it". "Trying to get the price up a little bit", Trump said.

IOS 11 Was Jailbroken in Just Three Weeks
Based on my experience with the previous two developer beta releases , the answer, for now, is no. So once you are done with all the formalities, you can update iOS like a normal software update .

Perry was speaking at the U.S. Energy Information Administration's annual conference, coinciding with the Trump administration's "Energy Week", when he was interrupted by two protestors.


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