India responsible for border mess, must pull back: Chinese Foreign Minister

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Apart from the border dispute at Sikkim's Doklam area, Doval is expected to raise India's concerns over China's Belt Road Initiative, in which it has refused to participate. "There is no policy to deny China [business opportunities]", she said to a question.

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday reacted to the raging border crisis for the first time, holding India responsible for the current stand-off and asking it to withdraw troops.

Amid the Sikkim standoff, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on Thursday held talks with his Chinese counterpart and state councillor Yang Jiechi on the sidelines of the BRICS NSAs meeting in Beijing.

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Although China does not want a war with India, it is not afraid if it has to when no other means is left to settle the problem, Ma said.

Nonetheless, China remains on the fact that there cannot be any meaningful dialogue without the return of the Indian Army, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry had indicated a bilateral meeting between Doval and Yang, which is part of the Brix's NSA meeting.

His comment came even as Beijing indicated that India must withdraw its troops from Doklam Plateau in western Bhutan if it wanted to have "meaningful dialogue" with China.

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In June, Beijing announced the construction of a road in Doklam, an area the sovereuingty of which is claimed by Bhutan, a demand also supported by New Delhi.

"India would like to do so based on the Astana consensus which was reached between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi when they met on the margins of the SCO on June 8 in Astana", Gopal Baglay added. "Both China and India need to enhance communication and nurture trust between them, first by recognizing that the two are not born rivals and that harboring ill will against each other is risky", Xinhua added. "In other words, (the) Indian side admitted (crossing) into Chinese territory".

India has accused China of trying to change the status of the India-Bhutan-China tri-junction, and ruled out unilateral withdrawal of Indian troops. Alleging that Indian soldiers are threatening Chinese territory, on Monday, the Chinese military threatened India to think carefully about its continued deployments. It is not China but a set of problems common to all developing countries like corruption, a lack of quality education and healthcare is holding back India.

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