Email saves Saints from flesh-eating sea lice

Teen Emerges From Beach With Bloodied Legs After A Quick Dip

Sam Kanizay, 16, soaked his legs at Brighton's Dendy Street Beach after playing football on Saturday.

In order to find out what exactly had bitten Sam, Jarrod went back to the beach.

Although a similar sea lice attack on another teenage boy was reported at a nearby beach in 2015, Dr. Poore said sea lice lived all over the world: "It's not an Australian thing".

Mr Kanizay said by the time Sam returned to his shoes, his legs were covered in blood.

Mr Kanizay is still recovering in hospital after doctors struggled to control the bleeding from his legs and feet.

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The elder Kanizay said an enormous pool of blood was on the hospital floor stemming from the cuts on his son's legs, and none of the medical professionals knew what had caused the trauma.

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke to a marine biologist, Professor Michael Keough, who also said that sea lice were a possibility. During an interview with the Age, Keough also said sea lice are approximately one centimeter long and make tiny, often pinprick-size wounds on flesh.

A 16-year-old boy was left with "profusely bleeding legs" after being eaten by what is believed to have been a swarm of tiny carnivorous sea creatures in Australia.

On the topic of recovery, Sam is still receiving treatment at Dandenong Hospital after doctors had trouble stopping the wounds from bleeding.

Attempting to seek answers, Kanizay's father collected water from the beach where his son was bitten and poured it over several pieces of raw meat. "I really just think [Sam] was in the wrong place at the wrong time, probably".

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"One would assume no and that he's going to be fine but we're taking every precaution".

The creatures are a type of copepod, a Greek word for "oar-footed" because they have a "pair of swimming legs ... that are moved together, like the oars of a sculling shell", the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History explains.

Sam's father Jarrod made a decision to return to the beach the following night armed with a pool net full of meat and managed to captured dozens of tiny bug-like creatures.

She said the creatures do occasionally bite, but not with the severity that was evident in Kanizay's case. "Although usually resting buried in sand they are active swimmers when searching for food".

The result is a stomach-churning video showing dozens of sea fleas devouring Jarrod Kanizay's bait.

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