PlayStation 4 Update Will Add 1080p60 Twitch Streaming

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The company has yet to detail the patch publicly, but Eurogamer has obtained a copy of the update's release notes.

The feature of streaming at 1080p and 60fps will only be available on PS4 Pro consoles.

For those with a PS4 Pro. This part of the update though will limited to PS4 Pro owners.

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Airlines have routinely overbooked flights for years in the expectation that some passengers won't show up. That rate has since gone down for the second quarter of 2017 to 0.44 per 10,000 passengers.

For instance now, instead of simply following well-known streamers or developers or YouTube personalities on their own Playstation accounts, a similar system to the Xbox One is being put in place where you can follow anyone that you want to. According to the update notes, Sony is doing this to "encourage more sharing of content and more interactions" among players and "boost the viral potential of UGC" for developers.

These changes include multiple adult accounts in a family, the ability to set parental controls "on a per-account basis", and there will also be a new web application to manage family accounts from mobile or PC. You'll also be able to follow whoever you want without needing a friend request to be verified, and without filling up your friend limit.

Once 5.0 drops, system notifications can be viewed from the Quick Menu without the need to go back to the Home screen. You could previously follow specifically curated and verified accounts but this allows players to expand their content networks without pushing the limits of their friends list on PlayStation. You can block users, too. Adult accounts can send requests to other accounts on separate PS4s to join the same family.

US Jet Takes Evasive Action After Close Call With Iranian Drone
In recent months, USA jets operating in Syria have shot down armed Iranian drones that moved too close to American ground troops. Naval Forces Central statement. 147 was in a landing pattern several thousand feet off the deck of the ship waiting to land.

Other additions to the interface include push notifications, additional languages including Czech, Thai, Greek, Vietnamese, Romanian, and Hungarian, and the ability to see spectator comments on screen while you're playing a VR game.

No release date has been given for firmware update 5.0. Apparently, it's meant to launch alongside a revamped PlayStation app. Sony is focusing on improved design and streamlined performance.

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