The Cop Who Was Shot Point-Blank Bought His Own Body Camera

The 14th Circuit Solicitor said in a press release'If but not for the grace of God and some very good doctors this would not only have been a murder case but a death penalty case

-His $30 eyepiece security camera helps convict Orr.

Multiple requests for comment to the Estill Police Department were not returned.

Circuit Court Judge Roger Young handed down Wednesday's sentence.

The jury deliberated for less than 45 minutes before coming back with a guilty verdict.

Supporters of body cameras argue they provide a real-time record of an encounter, improve officer safety and help provide a sense of transparency to the community.

Body camera footage released by the 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office in SC shows just how quickly things can take a turn for a police officer in the line of fire. The entire incident was caught on video.

The Fourteenth Circuit Solicitor's Office shared the entire video taken on Officer Smith's glasses.

At the time of the shooting, Orr had two pending 2013 charges of grand larceny and possession of prison contraband, reported South Carolina Radio Network.

Paul O'Neal, of Chicago, was shot and killed in 2016 by police who suspected him of stealing a auto.

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After radioing in his location and the suspect's description, the wounded officer slumped down on the ground next to his cruiser.

Smith responded around 11 a call of a suspicious man who was said to be stealing items from a nearby grocery store. Orr was walking with his back to the officer and one hand holding a cellphone to his ear.

Smith can be seen driving up behind him, getting out of his patrol auto and calling to Orr.

The incident began at 11 a.m. when Smith responded to a suspicious person call at the Charles Party Shop along USA 321. Smith then orders Orr to take his hand out of his pocket.

Despite his injuries, Smith said he has forgiven Orr.

"Smith parked and ordered Orr to stop".

"If you don't stop, I'm gonna Tase you!" "I'm not playing with you!"

But his glasses captured more than just the shocking violence, including a bystander rushing to Smith's aid as well as his emotional plea to the dispatcher.

Orr looked over at Smith and draws a pistol, firing at the officer eight times.

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Orr turned towards Smith and opened fire, eight rounds total.

-Smith falls to the ground, and with blood gushing from his neck, he manages to call for backup.

"I'm hit in my neck some place", he told the dispatcher.

"Dispatch, please send help", repeats Smith.

First responders arrive and begin their work.

"Stay with me", Thompkins says. "Take your hands out your pocket, take your hands out your pocket".

Thankfully, Smith was able to tell his family himself.

This is the answer to the question, "Why didn't the officer use a Taser?" He told WJCL TV that he has nightmares about that day, but that he still hopes to return to work sometime early next year.

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