Increasing Vitamin C Intake Cuts Blood Cancer Risk

High vitamin B intake increases lung cancer risk among men

One study will examine associations in post-menopausal women in order to confirm the current finding of no elevated risk in women. Plus, the study relies on people's recall over 10 years to remember their supplement consumption, which may not be accurate, they say.

Current male smokers taking the highest levels of vitamin B6 had triple the risk of lung cancer over six years, compared with those who didn't take supplements.

Current smokers who reported 10-year use of vitamin B6 at doses greater than 20 mg per day appeared almost three times as likely to develop lung cancer as nonusers (HR = 2.93; 95% CI, 1.5-5.72).

"That's marketing. That's not science", he said. The effect was worse in smokers who exceeded the daily recommended amounts of vitamins, CNN reports.

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Taking vitamins B12 or B6 over an extended period has been found to dramatically increase the odds of getting lung cancer in men, a new study finds.

For this study, Theodore Brasky, PhD, of the OSUCCC - James, and colleagues analyzed data from more than 77,000 patients participants in the VITamins And Lifestyle (VITAL) cohort study, a long-term prospective observational study created to evaluate vitamin and other mineral supplements in relation to cancer risk.

The participants (aged 50 to 76), who were recruited between 2000 and 2002, provided information on their use of vitamin B over the previous ten years, including details about dosage.

This is the first prospective, observational study to look at the effects of long-term high-dose B6/B12 supplement use and lung cancer risk.

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The results showed that among women, there was no correlation between supplemental B6, B9, and B12 and lung cancer risk. Or it may be that lung cancer itself raises levels of these vitamins in the body.

The findings only relate to doses of vitamin-b well above those contained in a multi-vitamin.

However, the differences in lung cancer risk between the highest and lowest categories of supplementation use appeared considerably greater among current smokers than recent smokers - defined as those who quit less than 10 years prior - or former smokers, defined as those who quit 10 or more years prior. But many high-dose supplements, he said, claim to boost energy and provide other unproven benefits.

"As far as the magnitude of the association, I think you could characterize our reaction as concerned; especially if you consider how common these supplements are".

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Prior studies created to assess the association between lung cancer risk and B vitamin intake have yielded inconsistent results. "Combustible tobacco smoke is the No. 1 most important factor, not just only in lung cancer but in many cancers". If you have concerns about lung cancer or B vitamins, we recommend talking with your doctor or other healthcare practitioner.


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