Vision Discomfort or Changes After Watching the Eclipse? Have Your Eyes Examined

Safety first

Millions across America watched the total or partial solar eclipse on Monday, but not everyone heeded eye-safety advice.

But most often, Dr. Kuhn says it will take a few days for the damage to become apparent.

"If someone believes they had accidental exposure to the sun during an eclipse, they should immediately make an appointment with their doctor of optometry for a comprehensive eye exam to ensure there is no serious damage", said Dr. Christopher Quinn, president of the American Optometric Association.

You looked at the sun too long -Now what?

Amateur astronomers from across the area joined with fellow stargazers from across the country in donning special eclipse glasses and taking in a celestrial display where the moon's path briefly blocked sight of the sun in a 70-mile wide path. That's because looking directly at the sun, even for a short period, can cause damage to the eyes' retina - a condition known as solar retinopathy. Because there are no pain sensors in the actual eye damage can only be detected once it occurs. Some viewers of Monday's eclipse said they are anxious about vision loss too and asked how you would know if the eclipse damaged your eyes.

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Damage from the eclipse is unlikely to cause pain, because the nerves that were damaged are light-sensing nerves, not pain nerves, Cioffi said.

Chung added that if you did suffer eye damage, you won't necessarily feel any pain (fun fact: your retina doesn't have pain receptors!).

You'll recall how you'll have spots in your vision that are sort of the opposite effect of what you normally see.

So what happens to your eyes if you look at the eclipse sans solar sun blockers? According to Google Trends, right now most of America is anxious they have eclipse headaches.

Above all else, Buehler said, don't stay home and miss the eclipse.

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Bottom line: If you think you may have experienced retinal burns and have lost vision or are experiencing blind spots, go see an eye doctor.

Doctors say if you are experiencing eye problems following the eclipse to see an eye care professional. From 1-2 p.m. Monday, the phrase "my eyes hurt" reached its highest-ever number of searches, dating back to 2004.

No matter where you were today, everybody pretty much stopped to look at the eclipse.

Here's what you need to know if you're concerned about eye damage from this week's event.

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