Fortnite unofficially has cross-play across PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Fortnite Players Document Signs of Cross Play Between Xbox One and Play Station 4     
          by DG Goldstein

Oops, it looks like for a brief few hours PS4 and Xbox One cross-play was available in Fortnite. Conversely, Xbox gamer tags can't have underscores. For a while now, Microsoft has been completely open to it, with Sony being the roadblock when it comes to Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rocket League, Gwent and more.

The users who noticed the cross platform play uploaded screenshots of the different gamertags (PlayStation Network accounts can not have spaces in them) and then a father-and-son duo posted a picture of them playing Fortnite side-by-side on the two consoles.

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Over the weekend, a number of Reddit users posted evidence of players from other consoles showing up in their Fortnite games, including a father/son combo playing on two different consoles in the same room.

And yet developers have said that switching on PS4-Xbox One cross-play would be relatively simple.

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Although no prior announcement or information was revealed by the publisher, multiple instances of players reporting cross-play between the XB1 and PS4 have been unveiled.

If you still don't believe this and are thinking the other player is on PC, then know that Fortnite doesn't utilize Xbox Live for PC multiplayer. It was a charming picture, but raised a lot of questions among the community-why wasn't this great feature announced?

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"We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected", the spokesperson said. Ryan added, "To my knowledge, there is no live conversation [about cross-console play] ongoing at the moment".


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