Rocket attack at Kabul airport was attempt to kill Mattis, Taliban says

At Least 12 Afghan Security Forces Killed In Suicide Attack

According to Afghan officials, the insurgents fired up to about six projectiles at and near the airport, with one hitting a civilian house nearby on Wednesday.

Taliban launched around 20 rockets, which landed near the airport after US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Kabul hours before.

The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that the United States military proceeded with its claims that Russia supported Taliban militants in order to divert global attention from the USA failures in Afghanistan.

More than 14,000 troops from 39 countries including the US are stationed in Afghanistan within the framework of the RS, to help Afghan forces through training, advise and generally back them in the war against the insurgents.

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Afghan officials said one Afghan woman was killed and 11 civilians were wounded in the Taliban attack. "The injured included a police chief", the official told Xinhua news agency.

At least one Afghan civilian was killed by the malfunctioning Hellfire and an undetermined number of other civilians were wounded, Salvin said. "Resolute Support deeply regrets the harm to non-combatants", the coalition said in a statement on Wednesday. "An investigation into the attack and the malfunctioning ammunition has begun".

In the interview with the AP, Stoltenberg said the "attack on the airport is a sign of weakness, not the sign of strength".

In other violence, hundreds of Taliban insurgents attacked a security post in Afghanistan's western Farah province, killing at least 10 policemen and threatening to overrun the position. IS claimed it was responsible. He added that to "attack a civilian airport is a criminal act, it is terrorist act and it just shows the importance of fighting these kind of organizations in Afghanistan".

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As reported by PTI, Mattis said that the South Asia strategy is "not exclusive of someone". "This is a classic definition of what the Taliban are up to right now".

The Taliban said that they had captured the center of Maroof district.

"I don't want to tell the enemy exactly what we are doing but the whole point is to make certain we have a compelling battlefield advantage over anything the Taliban tries to mass against your forces", he said. Arriving from India, where he sought support for the USA administration's new South Asia security plan, Mattis said the United States was determined not to allow "a merciless enemy to kill its way to power". Speaking to reporters traveling with the secretary, a USA military official said the Afghan conflict is at a "stalemate".

U.S. generals have for months been describing the situation in Afghanistan as a stalemate, despite years of support for Afghan partners, continued help from a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation coalition and an overall cost in fighting and reconstruction to the United States of more than $1 trillion.

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