American Idol Officially Started Filming, & Ryan Seacrest Documented Its First Day

American Idol Judges GMA Video

FYI: Katy is wearing a Christopher Kane dress. "There are still diamonds out there to be found", says Perry. The music industry is constantly changing, it's in flux right now.

He added of the victims, "They're our fans, they embody America".

"I was amazed when we assessed some of the singers, I mean, we were kinda on the same page", Luke told ABC Radio. Perry, 32, acknowledged that the trio had just spent their first day together on Tuesday (Oct. 3), but they are already "locked in". "It's hard - I don't even know".

Hill Russia investigators: Committee still searching for 'any hint of collusion'
Senator Burr added: "I think there is general consensus among members and staff we trust the conclusions". They used a series of divisive messages, some promoting anti-Muslim views.

Bryan and Richie officially joined "Idol" last week, several months after Perry signed on as the first judge for a rumored $25 million. "We got three hours of sleep, but we're here!" "What's coming down the pipe is going to be quite exciting".

Bryan, 41, noted his close friendship with Jason Aldean, who was onstage when the gunman started firing into the crowd from the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel. "It's a country music festival, but it's America". "Hearing one of your best friends shaken up like that, knowing they'll never be able to un-see these things, you get lumps and you get nauseated. From the mental health issue to all of the issues that are causing these things", Bryan said solemnly.

But Perry was a bit more outspoken, saying that while she prays everyday, "prayer without action is powerless".

Rock icon Tom Petty dead at 66
The iconic musician was found unconscious at his Malibu home from a suspected cardiac arrest . Around the time he drove the vehicle off the lot, he got a call from Bruce Springsteen .

"Everybody feels like their heart has been ripped out of their chests". In addition to sending thoughts and prayers, the pop star said we as a society "need to take an unfortunate good, hard look at what our rules and our boundaries are with gun reform".

"It's challenging. And we think about that throughout our whole assessment of this human standing in front of us". We look at the faces every night on stage.

At the same time, the Georgia native sings a new tune that's likely called "What Makes You Country": "I got my dirt road cred when I was twelve, on a no-cab tractor, hauling them bales..."

Apple investigates isolated reports of iPhone 8 bursting open
There's a new glass back design, a True Tone display, upgraded cameras, A11 Bionic chipset, wireless charging and other changes. If you are downgrading to iOS 10.3.3, then I would highly recommend that you make up your mind about it immediately.


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