Nintendo Switch Update 4.0.0 Adds GameCube Controller Support

Game Cube Controller Support Sneakily Added for Switch

The update 4.0 for introduces features such as GameCube controller support, video capture support, and the ability to shift data over to a new system. It was a long time coming, and a necessary step to bring the Switch closer in line with the PS4 and Xbox One.

GameXplain showcases the GameCube controllers being used for the brand new Fire Emblem: Warriors on the Nintendo Switch.

All a player needs to do is connect a GameCube controller via the Wii U adapter into the Switch dock.

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Many now believe that the Switch may get an updated version of Super Smash Bros., or Nintendo might even offer GameCube titles for download someday.

So, yes, you read that headline correctly: play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or any Switch game for that matter, with a GameCube controller. GameCube controllers now have added support thanks to this update.

But Nintendo hasn't said anything about a new Super Smash Bros. for Switch, and it has yet to confirm those Virtual Console rumors. Nice and easy. Presumably this won't work in handheld mode, because there's no wireless connectivity between the Switch and its dock.

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Almost every Nintendo Switch owner I've spoken to has professed their love for the portable console. While this may not seem like a big deal for the casual audience, as often enough, they are just happy to play the game regardless of their controller.

We have good news for anyone with old Game Cube controllers lying about.

When asked whether the Switch would support GameCube games in an interview, deputy general manager Yoshiaki Koizumi gave the usual "nothing to discuss" company line.

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