Here's the cool new trailer for Insomniac's Spider-Man game

With great power

Insomniac and Sony released a new trailer for their Spider-Man PS4 at the Sony conference that is underway right now at Paris Games Week and we got to see a whole lot of new stuff in it!

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Insomniac is best known for its work on the Resistance series as well as Ratchet and Clank, and, more recently, the Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

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The study focused on heterosexual sex and did not explain why there might be a connection between sex and marijuana, CNN reported. The data Eisenberg and his team used comes from a large Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey of Americans age 15-49.

Check out the teaser trailer below. In the new footage, Peter Parker and Miles Morales were brought together at last, as Spider-Man protected New York City from harms way. The trailer built up on what was shown at E3 at we saw a bit more character development for the main baddie in the game too. I mean, just look at the face model and lighting below. Take control of an experienced Peter Parker who is more masterful at fighting crime. As for the villain in this one, we get Mister Negative, aka Martin Li.

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As a huge fan of the Spider-Man 2 video game, I've got high hopes for the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. In the comics, he runs a soup kitchen, F.E.A.S.T. Project (Food, Emergency Aid, Shelter and Training), a place where Aunt May volunteers. And from the looks of it, she'll be involved in some stealth gameplay.


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