Russia-linked Facebook ads show targeting

Congress looks into Russian social media meddling

Just before the 2016 United States presidential election, a Russian-backed group with 217,000 Facebook followers posted an illustration that depicted Hillary Clinton as a devil fighting Jesus. Its average revenue generated per daily user, a number that explains how valuable each user is to the company, is the highest it's ever been at $7.54.

That comes after Zuckerberg opened wrote in today's earnings release that "We're serious about preventing abuse on our platforms".

The bipartisan bill would require sites to publicly disclose information about ad buyers, including how much they paid and who their target audience is.

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As part of hearings into how Russian Federation used social media to influence American opinion, House lawmakers released a handful of Facebook ads linked to the online meddling campaign. Verto also reported that Instagram added more than 15 million more users, based on Verto App Watch data on US adults age 18 and older, marking an 11.6% increase from June to September.

However, they will not endorse the Honest Ads Act.

This is one of the Russian Facebook ads meant to stir dissention in the U.S. And even though Donald Trump isn't a saint by any means, he's at least an honest man and he cares deeply for this country.

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The ad was targeted at people in the USA who had expressed interest in conservative commentators including Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and also those who expressed an interest in Christianity, Jesus, and "Conservatism in the United States". Like most of the Facebook ads, this one targeted those aged 18-65, and those who had liked the BlackMattersUS page - now known to be fake - and friends of those who had.

Another pair of ads focused on undocumented Latino immigration.

The Senate hearing, meanwhile, was notable for being the most aggressive and confrontational of this week's hearings on the issue, and saw the lawyers for all three companies acknowledging that they needed to do more in order to combat bad actors on their platforms. It targeted Facebook users who liked human rights, African-American culture or Malcolm X.

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InstagramPolitico also has an August 2016 Instagram ad, aimed at "people ages 18 to 65+ interested in military veterans, including those from the Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam wars", suggesting that Clinton is insensitive to the grief of Gold Star families.


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