Did Sessions mislead Congress about his interactions with Russian Federation?

Trump didn't dismiss idea of Putin meeting

The backdrop: The news comes as Sessions is already under scrutiny over a report that he "shut down" a request from George Papadopoulos, another campaign foreign policy adviser, to arrange a meeting between campaign officials and Vladimir Putin.

Franken asked Sessions during his confirmation hearing on Jan 10 what he would do "if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is once again under scrutiny on Capitol Hill regarding his candor about Russia and the Trump campaign amid revelations that he rejected a suggestion to convene a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump past year. News that he had mentioned the visit to Attorney General Jeff Sessions drew headlines, as it complicated Sessions' claims that he did not know about the Trump campaign's Russian Federation contacts.

When Tapper asked if Sessions, now the United States attorney general, was "the only one on the campaign that knew about the trip", Page replied: "I mentioned it to a few people". Page said one of the people he met was a "senior person", but would not confirm the person's identity.

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"Was that what you were saying - you don't believe that surrogates from the Trump campaign had communications with the Russians?"

The former spokesman for the Pentagon said Mr Papadopoulos, who has since pleaded guilty to making false statements to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, was shot down by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Democrats say the filings appear to contradict Sessions' sworn testimony before Congress.

"Ultimately, whether or not he committed perjury, will be again, I believe, Bob Mueller's call", Franken said.

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According to aides to Sessions who weren't authorized to speak publicly about the matter, the attorney general did not give false testimony and disputes any description of the March 31 meeting that suggests Papadopoulos informed those present that he was in contact with the Russian government.

Last month, Sessions told the same committee he was not aware of any Trump surrogates having contacts with Russian officials.

A photograph posted on Trump's Instagram account shows Papadopoulos sitting two seats from Jeff Sessions, now Trump's attorney general, at the meeting, which Trump also attended.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee, said it makes sense to ask Sessions to clarify the chain of events and how he reconciles it with his testimony before the committee. "There were questions that elicited exactly the kind of information that the Papadopoulos plea agreement made".

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A source told CNN's Manu Raju about the existence of an email Page wrote to a Trump campaign aide following his trip to Moscow in July 2016.


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