Iraqi Forces Liberate Mosul University From a Deeply Entrenched ISIL

Now, the coalition is setting its sights on the western half of Mosul which is separated from the east by the Tigris River. Mosul residents defied ISIL's cultural destruction by forming a human chain to protect the mosque and its famed leaning minaret. Read More

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Search for missing plane ends

Australia last month dismissed an investigators' recommendation to shift the search further north, saying that no new evidence had emerged to support that. Immediately after the aircraft's disappearance on 8 March 2014, dozens of ships and aircraft conducted an intense search for any sign of the missing aircraft. Read More

Russia's Putin: Obama Administration Trying to 'Undermine' Donald Trump

Judging by what we have heard from Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin should not have been just satisfied with Trump's election. "What are we seeing in the U.S.?" He added that the people behind the Trump dossier are " worse than prostitutes ", but said that he is "not acquainted with Trump", therefore he has "no reasons either to defend or attack him". Read More

Japan pledges military and financial support to Vietnam

Asian nations are cautiously watching whether Trump, with his "America First" rhetoric, will keep the United States focused on the region by strengthening freedom of navigation operations and sending US warships to contested waters of the South China Sea to counter China's military buildup, analysts said. Read More

America's 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Policy Ends For Cubans

America's 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Policy Ends For Cubans

You know we have a system now for bringing people into the country, and what we should be doing is we should be bringing people who are terrific people who have terrific records of achievement, accomplishment. USA and Cuban officials were meeting Thursday in Washington to coordinate efforts to fight human trafficking. "The Cuban Adjustment Act has provided countless Cubans the opportunity to escape the Castro tyranny. Read More

'Game of Thrones' Prequel A Possibility According to HBO Executive

They always do what they think [will yield] the best version of the show. "But I'll always take more". Hold your khalasars! " Game of Thrones " Season 8 may not have just six episodes after all. Regardless of the episode count, one thing that is certain is that we're approaching the end of Game of Thrones . "I would not want to risk the beauty of the series so I would rather have no sequel at all than to rush it out". Read More

At least 32 killed in Kyrgyzstan cargo plane crash

Boeing and Turkish Airlines both offered condolences to the families of those killed in the crash with Boeing adding that a technical team stands ready to aid at the request, and under the direction, government investigating authorities. ACT Airlines operated Flight TK6491 was en route between Hong Kong and Istanbul when it crashed in the fog as it attempted to make a refuelling stop at Manas airport. Read More

Trump promises 'insurance for everybody' as rallies held nationwide for Obamacare

Trump promises 'insurance for everybody' as rallies held nationwide for Obamacare

Trump told the Post he expects Congress to move quickly and cohesively in the next few weeks on healthcare and other priorities, including tax cuts and a border wall with Mexico. This was part of a national day of action to show support for the ACA. Trump's position could be explosive on Capitol Hill. "This is a bipartisan cause we can all agree on". Read More

Paris Peace Conference: Nations Call for Establishment of Palestinian State

Paris Peace Conference: Nations Call for Establishment of Palestinian State

Netanyahu reminded Kerry that the U.S.' refusal to veto the U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334, which states that Israel's activity in "Palestine territories occupied since 1967" has no legal validity and is a violation of worldwide law, in December is damaging to Israel. Read More

We'll force Gambia Jammeh to step down with military force- ECOWAS

We'll force Gambia Jammeh to step down with military force- ECOWAS

In a sign of Barrow's growing global clout, a French diplomatic source told AFP that President Francois Hollande "intends to meet" Barrow, while the former businessman was to sit down with West African leaders to discuss his nation's future. Read More

Vucic: Peace in Kosovo sustained only due to Serbia's wisdom

A Serbian train halted at the border with Kosovo and bearing signs reading "Kosovo is Serbian" has fueled a major crisis in the Balkans and escalated a potential Russia-West row over dominance in the heart of the Balkans. Serbia retains effective control of the northern part of Kosovo, which is home to 40,000 to 50,000 Serbs who do not see Pristina as their capital. And a former Kosovar rebel commander - and prime minister - was arrested in France earlier this month on a warrant from Serbia, ... Read More

Trump adviser Flynn spoke to Russian envoy December 29 -Trump official

Incoming press secretary Sean Spicer addresses the media before Donald Trump's first news conference as president-elect, on Wednesday in NY. And they exchanged logistical information on how to initiate and schedule that call, ' Spicer said. Read More

Mosul offensive: Iraqi and coalition forces secure key buildings in Nineveh governorate

Nearly all of the east of Mosul has been recaptured by US -backed Iraqi forces but areas west of the river Tigris, are still under IS control. Sabah al-Numan, spokesperson for the elite Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces (ICTS), told Rudaw English on Saturday evening that he can say "with confidence" that they have liberated the entire left bank of city since "there are only a numer of small districts" under ISIS control now surrounded by Iraqi forces. Read More

Flight 666 Just Landed in HEL

Flight 666 Just Landed in HEL

The flight has been running for years, according to the Daily Mail , and has flown several times on Friday the 13th. "It's only a coincidence for me". Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th in 2016 occurred on May 13. " If there's some passenger who is anxious about this 666, our cabin crew is always happy to help them ", the pilot added. Read More

Iran Air Takes Delivery of its First New Airbus

In another deal in December, Iran Air finalised an order for 80 planes from Airbus's USA competitor Boeing. Airbus delivered the A321 aircraft to Iran Air on Wednesday in a ceremony in Toulouse, France. technology content, questions surrounding political environment and its potential effect on the deal remain as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office on January 20. Read More

Cyprus talks on 'track', United Nations says, as focus shifts to territory

Three days of high-level talks regarding the divided island's future will be followed by an worldwide conference on Thursday. Many residents were stripped of homes and property when Cyprus divided into an official Greek Cypriot south and a breakaway Turkish north. Read More

US Imposes New Sanctions on Russian Federation

The Magnitsky Act , established in 2012, is named after Russian tax fraud whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky, who died in a Russian prison in 2009. Two of the others sanctioned today are said to be complicit in trying to cover up Magnitsky's death, and the United Kingdom blames the other two for the murder of a former Russian spy. Read More

Twin blasts rock Kabul near American University, many feared dead

The Taliban militants group claimed responsibility behind the explosions. "The second one was a vehicle bomb". The Taliban-led insurgency has been rampant since the group announced its spring offensive earlier past year. Following the suicide attack, an explosives-laden auto on the other side of the road was detonated as emergency crews arrived to help the wounded. Afghanistan last week welcomed the Pentagon's decision to deploy some 300 US Marines to Helmand, where American forces ... Read More

Orlando Police Officer Shot Dead, Deputy Killed In Crash During Manhunt

Orlando Police Officer Shot Dead, Deputy Killed In Crash During Manhunt

A law enforcement vehicle drives near a Walmart where a police officer was shot in Orlando, Florida on January 10, 2017. Loyd fled the scene, hijacking a auto, and firing at least two shots at a pursuing police vehicle. Officers Michael Kroi, Michael Smith and Patricio Zamarripa of the Dallas police Department died on July 7, the same day Officer Brent Thompson of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department died. Read More

Cory Booker to testify against Jeff Sessions during confirmation hearing

Cory Booker to testify against Jeff Sessions during confirmation hearing

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions has participated in five nomination hearings for attorneys general. "I do not take lightly the decision to testify against a Senate colleague", Booker said in a statement. District Court of the Southern District of Alabama. On immigration, Senator Sessions' extensive record to criminalize, dehumanize, and tear apart immigrant families closely resembles the nativist, White nationalist, and racist rhetoric of the groups he is ... Read More