Train Plows Into Semi At Utah Crossing

The Utah Transit Authority is investigating why the crossing gates were upright as the train passed, allowing vehicles to pass through despite the imminent danger. Two people were treated for minor injuries. UTA is conducting an investigation of all its systems and is interviewing employees to determine what caused the accident and whether human error occurred, according the release. Read More

New Gambian president set to return to country Thursday

We are closely following the political situation in the Gambia, where in the past days there has been more stability thanks to global efforts, including by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and several neighbouring countries. Read More

Astana Talks: Syrian govt, rebels agree to ceasefire

Astana Talks: Syrian govt, rebels agree to ceasefire

The Kremlin also hailed the talks as paving the way for the resumption of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, Switzerland. Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) adviser Yahya Aridi receives interviews during a break of the Syrian talks in Astana, Kazakhstan, Jan. Read More

Manager At Russian Cybersecurity Firm Kaspersky Lab Arrested

The statement added that Kaspersky does not possess any details about the investigation. Mikhailov was the deputy head of the Information Security Centre (CDC) of the FSB. A Kaspersky manager has been arrested by Russian authorities alongside a senior Russian FSB intelligence officer, both facing treason charges . A much more chilling scenario, offered in this post from Lawfare Blog , is that Stoyanov was a source for United States intelligence officers who ultimately concluded ... Read More

Congress projects Priyanka Gandhi as key vote-catcher in UP

Congress projects Priyanka Gandhi as key vote-catcher in UP

Only a few days back, Priyanka successfully stitched up an alliance with the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) in the state where Congress got 105 seats and the SP 298. Though Dimple has been in active politics for quite some time, she has so far not campaigned beyond Kannauj. "In case she decides to expand her role, we will inform you", he told the news channel. Read More

Ivanka Trump: 'I'm not going to act as first lady'

Ivanka Trump: 'I'm not going to act as first lady'

But thrust into the spotlight at the Republican National Convention, she became the target of social media roasting, after her speech included several passages mirroring Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC address. Barron will be the first young boy to live in the White House since JFK's son toddler son John in the 1960s. "As the president's spouse, one of the most important things that they really have to do is be able to create a family life", McBride told Crawford. Read More

Officials Say Trump's 'Uncomfortable' Visit to CIA Made Relationship With Agency Worse

Officials Say Trump's 'Uncomfortable' Visit to CIA Made Relationship With Agency Worse

He blamed the media for creating that impression, despite the fact he made numerous public statements critical of intelligence officials . The intelligence community sees itself as above politics even though as president-elect, Mr. "I said wait a minute, I made a speech, I looked out, the field was, it looked like a million, a million and a half went all the way back to the Washington Monument". Read More

African troops enter Gambia to secure president Barrow's return

A convoy of more than a dozen vehicles, among them armored personnel carriers mounted with heavy machine guns trucks full of soldiers, rolled into the capital of Banjul, Reuters reports, and later entered the presidential compound. "We are talking about getting a truth and reconciliation commission", he said. At a press conference in Banjul, Barrow's spokesman Halifa Sallah said a military aide would be sent on Monday to determine if security conditions permit the president's return. Read More

Turkey to hold referendum on expanding Erdogan powers

The referendum could also allow Erdogan to stay in office till 2029. If the reforms are approved , Turkey plans to hold presidential elections in 2019 and the victor would be eligible to remain in office for up to two five-year terms. The president would decide whether or not impose a state of emergency. "We have done our job. Now we convey the issue to its real owner, our people". Read More

Rockets hit Istanbul police station and ruling party office

Rockets hit Istanbul police station and ruling party office

The suspect, who attacked Istanbul Police headquarters and a building of ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) with flame throwers on Friday evening, was detained in northwestern city of Tekirdag, Hurriyet reported. A gunman killed 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub on New Year's Day in an attack claimed by ISIS. There were no reports of casualties in the attack, in which the assailant opened fire on a police vehicle in Istanbul's Esenyurt district and later fled after police officers ... Read More

S. Korea's culture minister arrested over arts blacklist

S. Korea's culture minister arrested over arts blacklist

Kim is accused of ordering Cho to create the list of "left-leaning" artists. In the early hours of the morning, the Seoul Central District Court issued a warrant to arrest both of them on charges of perjury and abuse of power. Park was impeached by parliament last month and Seoul's Constitutional Court is now reviewing the validity of the motion, with the frequency of hearings sparking speculation that it might reach a verdict before mid-March. Read More

OPEC, non-OPEC producers meet to discuss compliance with oil cut deal

OPEC and non-OPEC producers have agreed to lower output by nearly 1.8 million bpd in hopes of reducing oversupply and supporting prices. Alexander Novak's upbeat comments to reporters came at the end of the first meeting of a joint OPEC-non-OPEC committee set up to monitor compliance to the December 10 agreement. Read More

Over 80 per cent of United States firms feel less welcome in China

Trump has cast uncertainty over the one-China principle, which China argues is a "prerequisite for the development of relations between China and the rest of the world, on three occasions". "It is quite likely that China and the USA will face a head-on confrontation". US relations with the island are governed by the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, which outlines the USA commitment to help Taiwan maintain its military defense. Read More

Australia, China, Malaysia say underwater search for MH370 is suspended

The governments of Malaysia, Australia and China, said crews had finished an underwater sweep of a 46,000-square mile (120,000-square kilometer) zone of seabed without finding the missing Boeing 777. The report, released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), said it was more likely to be in a 25,000 sq km north of the current one. The search mission for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been officially called off after 34 months of intense search efforts, keeping ... Read More

Obama defends Israel UN vote in final press conference

The statement urged both sides to "officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution" and disassociate from voices that reject this. Rabbinical Council of Australia & New Zealand president Rabbi Yaakov Glasman said his organisation supported the Australian government's "principled stance ... Read More

US Sanctions Republika Srpska President for Obstructing Dayton Accords

Ambassador Maureen Cormack in a statement on Tuesday. The U.S. Treasury Department on January 17 announced sanctions against Dodik, the president of Bosnia's autonomous Republika Srpska entity, for actively obstructing efforts to implement the 1995 Dayton Accords, which ended the Bosnian war. Read More

Theresa May outlines UK Brexit plans in long-awaited speech

Since June, speculation has swirled over whether the United Kingdom would try to opt for a "soft Brexit " - which would involve retaining some form of membership in the European single market . As well as voting on the final Brexit deal, the prime minister has said that Parliament would have "the opportunity to debate and discuss" Britain's exit from the EU. Read More

Governor says northern Mexico school shooter has died

Mr Fasci said it was not clear how the student got the gun into the school. Early reports suggested that two students were killed along with a teacher and another five were injured. "The young man is already dead, but we must investigate the reasons for the shooting and help the families touched by the event", Rodriguez said. Fasci told local television that the boy shooter 'had depression and was being treated'. Read More

Kevin O'Leary joins race for Conservative leadership

He has drawn comparisons to Donald Trump for both his TV and business background and his boastful tendencies. Conservatives pick their new leader on 27 May. The Shark Tank cast member is known to float unconventional ideas, including a recent proposal to let people buy seats in the Senate, the un-elected upper house of Parliament. Read More

First ever freight train from China arrives in London

First ever freight train from China arrives in London

Arriving earlier today at DB Cargo's Eurohub terminal, the milestone adds the United Kingdom to the list of destinations now served by the new China-Europe rail freight corridor. Still, the freight train - with its rather mundane cargo of clothing and household goods - marks a milestone for an altogether more ambitious plan: the revival of the centuries-old Silk Road trade routes between China and the West. Read More